Hands down the best, and widest, selection of beers in West Philadelphia. The quesadillas are to die for, and so are the wraps. Greek's is by far the best place on Lancaster Ave. to stop in for a beer and a quick bite, and easily has the most knowledgeable staff when it comes to beer. All it takes for the owner James to pick a great beer for your palate is the type of beer you prefer (stouts, IPAs, porters, etc...) and a beer in that style that you have liked in the past, his abilities are truly uncanny. The prices are all very reasonable and the counter and kitchen staff are incredibly friendly and treat you as if they have known you for years. Very few places make me feel as if I can visit by myself and have a non-lonely experience, but Greek's is one of them.
If you ever find yourself on this side of Lancaster Avenue Greek's is a must!

Kevin C. | Philadelphia, PA

Was in the area and where else can a girl go to get a delicious meal, Mad Greek's ofcourse! Service is quick and courteous, let's not forget knowledgeable as well, this guy knows his beer. I had to get the Gyro, my friends ate Meatball sub, Chicken cheese steak and we split an order of there fries with bacon, cheese. Not one word was said during our meal, that's how you know food is good. Sometimes I am afraid to buy beer from a non bar like establishment for the fear that it might sit there too long, but not here, the volume of clientele must be pretty good because none of the beers we had was stale-old.
Love this place!!

Blanca V. | Madison, NJ

I love Mad Greek! The pizza, the cheesesteaks and even the pasta are very good here. The service is friendly and even though the restaurant is kind of small, it's still a nice place to sit with friends and eat. The beer selection is pretty extensive also but I'm always there for the pizza. Don't judge by appearances, just give it a try.

Gabby F.| Media, PA

I absolutely love this place. They have an amazing selection of beer, their pizza and wings are to die for, and their Buffalo Chicken Stromboli is my favorite. I highly recommend this place if you are in the University City District of Philadelphia.

Jason J.| Houston, TX

Best food, awesome six-pack take out selection of QUALITY beer, great service. You can not find a better pizza place in West Philly. I recommend the gyro platter, the Buffalo Chicken or Special Strombolis, or Chicken Parm. Everything tastes delicious and comes in large portions. Be sure to order the small stromboli-- you'll need a to-go box to finish.

Name not mentioned

There isn't a better place to pick up some beer late-night than this hole-in-the-wall place on Lancaster, a block past 7-11. The guy that's there all the time is great. I was grabbing a couple sixers last time, and I was on the phone. He saw that the ones I got weren't very cold, and he replaced them with colder ones. He didn't have to do that; great customer service. They used to have 4pack Beck's Pounders for $4, but now they're $5. Still a steal. And they have Natty Ice 40's. What more could you ask for?

Jed S.| Philadelphia, PA

This place is such a pleasant surprise. I've never had their pizza, but they make great hoagies and sandwiches at a reasonable price. And they have a pretty amazing beer selection.

Bruno g.| Philadelphia, PA

Great pizza, awesome staff, very cool beer selection, and open late.

Name not mentioned| Philadelphia, PA

James, you know I love your place dude. I come there every Saturday around the same time.....around 12-NOON. You always have my "SAMPLER" ready for me when I open the door to sit down and enjoy. One complaint....you have to pick a date in time to go up to my property in Tioga county to relax for a day or two. HEY EVERYBODY WHO READS THIS....talk to James to convince him to do this and just get away and relax by the fire and drink a few beers in the mountains and just RELAX....HE REALLY NEEDS THIS TO KEEP HIS SANITY. He has to stop making excuses and just DO IT!!!!!! TALK TO HIM!
Your buddy dude, ED

ed a.| Ephrata, PA